(Kronenberg/NED)  Tension is mounting, as are the number of questions and expectations: The eighth and final leg of the BEMER Young Riders Tour has begun at the Peelbergen Equestrian Centre and in the opening competition of the BEMER Young Riders Tour Prize, three young talents made it onto the podium who have not yet featured in the rankings. Sweden’s Ebba Danielsson took first place with her mare T-Gavoli Z. Poland’s Alexandra Kierznowska came second with Corleano, ahead of Switzerland’s Thibaut Keller with Arley de Vayrie. 

And the favourite, Matthis Westendarp, after all the leader of the BEMER Young Riders Tour? He had a less fortunate start in Kronenberg and earned eight penalty points in his first test with Chillert Blue. The sunny and relaxed atmosphere at the Peelbergen equestrian centre attracted a number of trainers, equestrian fans and visitors who wanted to have a closer look at the first rounds of the five-day show. 

And especially those U21 riders, for whom the BEMER Young Riders Grand Prix on Thursday will be about overall victory or placing, were the focus of the attention. Johanna Beckmann (Löningen), currently sixth in the BEMER Young Riders Tour and 19th in her opening round with Chardonnay, made it clear that she would like to make the most of the opportunity in Kronenberg, because she is excited about the project: “Yes, for sure, because if you do well in the tour, then that will enable you to gain some good competition experience next year. That’s why we are always trying to collect some more points there.” Only 12 points separate Beckmann from ranking leader Matthis Westendarp (32 points). 

The young Belgian Roy van Beek, who came 21st with Noah van’t Heike in the BEMER Young Riders Prize, is already thinking about the 2023 season. “I didn’t know anything about the BEMER Riders Tour until now. For us it was far away.” With the BEMER Young Riders Tour, the series suddenly moved into an accessible distance. With 15 points in the current ranking, the European Young Riders Team Champion is definitely still close to the podium. “Will the BEMER Riders Tour be held again next year at all the good shows? And are you really allowed to ride at other stages if you’ve done well?” Not only the 20-year-old young Belgian, but also several other young riders delved into the regulations of the series at the finale of the first BEMER Young Riders Tour and took a closer look at the current stages. The young Belgian has brought two horses with him to Kronenberg, Johanna Beckmann even five. 

On Thursday from 5 pm onwards, the adrenaline level will once again rise considerably, because then the eighth and final stage of the BEMER Young Riders Tour will be decided in the BEMER Young Riders Grand Prix. Matthis Westendarp is also the favourite for his young European colleagues. He has it in his hands to become the first “Young Rider of the Year”.

Result 12 BEMER Young Riders Tour Prize, Jumping after faults and time (1.45m)

1st Ebba Danielsson (Sweden), T-Gavoli Z 0/53.69

2nd Aleksandra Kierznowska (Poland), Coleano 0/ 55.28

3rd Thibeaut Keller (Switzerland), Arley de Vayrie 0/ 57.02

4th Ebba Danielsson, Nikita VD Vosberg 0/58.69

5th Sara Tindale (Canada), Kino 0/ 60.76

6th Gilles Müller (Switzerland), Morgan Vds 0/61.50

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